A VHS Copy Of Hellraiser Is Mysteriously Haunting A London Bus Stop

Tim Robberts—Getty Images Bus stop at night in London

Do not open the box

Is South London about to be invaded by the Cenobites? Maybe, but the neighborhood is definitely being haunted by a VHS copy of Hellraiser, the 1987 classic Clive Barker horror film.

Back in 2011, an eagle-eyed commuter noticed that there was a puzzling box (that’s a Hellraiser reference, folks) perched atop a bus stop. When he investigated, it turned out to be a VHS copy of the horror film complete with Pinhead’s terrifying face staring out from it. Three years on, it’s still there.

Last year, Tom Wateracre started documenting what he assumed was an amusing oddity worth tweeting about. It became less funny and more creepy when a second copy showed up:

It didn’t stop in April, either. In August, another VHS copy of the film showed up:

When one copy disappears, another shows up in its place. In October, the phenomenon spread across town:

Was it a copy cat or the first hints that Frank Cotton is returning? The world may never know. What we do know is that the VHS copy of Hellraiser is still there (see for yourself on Google Street View) sitting on the bus stop on Old Kent Road just waiting for some curious person to open it, which, if horror movies are to be believed, would probably be a very bad idea.

You can read the entire scary Hellraiser Storify here:

[via Dazed]

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