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It’s Looking Like A White St. Patrick’s Day

Winter Weather
Paul Sancya—AP Pedestrians during a snow storm in Detroit, March 12, 2014. Another winter storm is expected from Missouri to Delaware on Sunday.

The snow just won't quit as a winter storm is expected Sunday just days before spring begins, blanketing states between Missouri and the eastern seaboard -- with one to three inches of snow expected across much of the region

Just when it looked like this year’s nasty winter was in its final death throes, another patch of cold and snow has been forecast to kick the winter weary from Missouri to Delaware on Sunday.

Another front of cold air is pushing southward to meet moisture surging northward, and swathe of snow is expected from Missouri east along the Ohio River on Sunday, continuing into Monday, Accuweather.com reports. The precipitation may start as rain, but rapidly arriving cold air will lay snow or sleet in cities including Springfield and St. Louis, Mo., Louisville, Ky., and Cincinnati, Ohio.

One to three inches are expected across much of the region, with three to six inches forecast in Washington D.C., Maryland, and northern Virginia. Snow may even graze New York City in time for the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Monday morning, but the heaviest snow is expected further south.

Milder weather is expected to return Wednesday.


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