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Photos: See Dads Breastfeed For a Good Cause

Project Breastfeeding's "If I Could, I Would" campaign aims to boost fathers' solidarity with moms

The dads of Project Breastfeeding might not have milk ducts, but they’ve got our hearts. That’s because they’ve started an initiative to help support breastfeeding moms instead of standing by helplessly smoking cigars. Check out these amazing pictures:

The group aims to “de-stigmatize public breastfeeding” with their If I Could, I Would campaign.

“If I could breastfeed, would I do this? Would I step in for my daugther and for my wife?” asks Hector Cruz, in the project’s video. “I came to the conclusion that if I could, I would”

“As fathers we think our role is to figure out what the best carseat is, what the best stroller is, have the right car and put up the crib, but our role is so much deeper than that,” he said. “This project is really helping men. It’s getting education to men to make them better fathers and better husbands.”

Someone get this man a pair of boobs!

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