By Olivia B. Waxman
March 11, 2014

Chad Roberts, Lead Pastor at Preaching Christ Church in Kingsport, Tennessee, has started, a website where restaurant staffers can anonymously post stories about the rude Christian patrons who flock to their restaurants after Sunday services, The New York Daily News reports via The Kingsport Times-News.

So far, most of the stories complain about people who do not leave enough tip, but do leave pamphlets about the Bible and finding Jesus. “I had customers say something rude about the fact that I was working on the Lord’s day and not in church,” according to another story by a staffer who claims he or she cannot afford to take Sundays off from work.

Roberts was inspired to start the website after reading about the St. Louis pastor Alois Bell, who wrote “I give God ten percent, why do you get 18?” in response to the automatic gratuity that was added to her receipt at a local Applebees.

“I want the servers who have been genuinely hurt by Christians to know that we see the way they are treated and that we care,” Roberts writes on the website…I want the church crowd to read these posts and become aware of what servers think and how we are perceived… Easter Sunday, we’re calling for all Christians to double their tips! The problem is there are alot of people who call themselves Christians, but aren’t…”

(h/t Jezebel)


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