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LG’s G Flex Smartphone Commercial Is… Um… Unique

What the crap did I just watch?

This commercial for the LG G Flex is awful and wonderful and it makes me uncomfortable. Like, uncomfortable as in I’m alone right now and I just looked around my office with a furrowed brow even though nobody’s looking over my shoulder. I also laughed at a couple parts, but my sense of humor’s always been a little askew.

My former co-worker and current friend Matt Burns over at TechCruch calls it the worst commercial ever; my current co-worker and also-current friend Jared Newman reviewed the phone and found it lacking (to put it mildly).

If you can get through the above commercial, the tagline — “The Most Human Phone Ever” — makes sense. You have to make it through the commercial though. *Looks around empty office again*

The Most Human Phone Ever — LG G Flex [YouTube]

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