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The Cast of The Wonder Years Reunited and Took a Bunch of Selfies

They all kinda look exactly the same

Get ready for a very hearty helping of nostalgia. The cast of The Wonder Years — that delightful gem of a 1980s/1990s TV show — reunited this week and then took a bunch of selfies for all of us to enjoy.

That’s right, the entire Arnold family (plus, of course, Kevin’s bestie Paul and love interest Winnie) all got together to tease an upcoming DVD release. But mostly just to bask in glorious memories and, as we mentioned, take a bunch of pictures:

Oh, nostalgia. Sweet, sweet nostalgia. Now let’s watch the opening credits and yearn for simpler times full of striped knee-high athletic socks and overalls and playing ball in the street until your mom called you in for supper:


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