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Tea Party Activist Offends With Tweets About Shooting Victims

The latest entries in Todd Kincannon's controversial Twitter feed

Correction appended, May 26

J. Todd Kincannon, the former chairman of the election commission in Simpsonville, S.C., has been known to say some offensive things. He recently said transgender people should be “put in a camp“; he tweeted, “Hey what’s the difference between Trayvon Martin and a dead baby? They’re both dead, but Pepsi doesn’t taste like Trayvon”; and he once called Wendy Davis a “whore.

So it’s no surprise that he had something controversial to say about the recent murder spree in California that left six college students dead. It’s hard to tell when his Twitter rant actually began, but since the incident at the University of California Santa Barbara, Kincannon has been tweeting almost nonstop about his right to own a gun.

Correction: The original version of this story and headline incorrectly described Todd Kincannon.

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