Parents Are Paying Pros to Pack Their Kids’ Bags for Summer Camp

Jasper White—Getty Images

Cuz nothing says I love you like paying someone $250 an hour to do the job for you

Everyone knows a helicopter Mom who can’t bear the thought of parting from junior for a few weeks while he’s off at summer camp. But for some parents the problem runs much deeper: even the thought of packing their little ones’ bags for camp leaves them paralyzed.

Enter the professional organizers. In New York City, packing pros charge up to $250 per hour to make sure kids enjoy all the creature comforts of home while they’re roughing it in cabins Upstate. Dayna Brandoff of Chaos Theory told the New York Post that some of her clients ask her to pack enough items to essentially recreate kids’ bedrooms at home. “It’s really about bringing the feel of home to camp,” she says.

Must-have items include everything from fancy soaps and linens to extra shelving to make room for it all. While parents are responsible for buying the items that get packed, it still takes the organizers about half a day to pack it all up, for a total cost of around $1000. But hey, peace of mind is priceless — when you can afford it.

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