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BroApp Sends Automatic Texts to Your Girlfriend to Make Her Think You’re Thinking About Her


There's really going to be no middle ground here. Either you're going to think this app is brilliant, or you're going to think it's stupid.

There’s really going to be no middle ground here. Either you’re going to think this app is brilliant, or you’re going to think it’s stupid. Let’s move on, though. It’s Friday and we’re all trying to get our affairs in order before the weekend.

BroApp is a $2 Android app that sends pre-selected text messages to your lovie throughout the day. Texts such as:

  • “Hey babe, how was your day?”
  • “Miss you :)”
  • “Hey babe, just leaving work now”
  • “Hi darl, how did you go today?” (protip: this one sounds weird – don’t use it)

You get the idea. If the built-in messages aren’t doing it for you, you can add your own custom messages.

Knowing that your girlfriend receiving a BroApp text while you’re sitting next to her would set off a red flag, the app can be set to not send texts when you’re connected to various Wi-Fi networks (such as the one in her house). It’ll also refrain from sending auto-texts if you’ve recently sent her an actual text. Finally, the app says it’s got safeguards to prevent her from finding it on your phone.

Here’s a demo video:

BroApp [Google Play Store via Geekologie]

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