SpoiledChild A35, an "anti-aging glycolic renewing serum."
Courtesy of Oddity

A tech firm masquerading as a beauty retailer, ­Oddity is famous for its direct-to-consumer brands: Il Makiage makeup and SpoiledChild, a hair- and skin-care line launched last year that brought in $48 million in gross sales in just 12 months. With overall sales doubling every year since its founding in 2018, Oddity says it became the best-­selling digital beauty brand in history by using AI-backed online quizzes to match customers with products. “If you don’t have high-­quality data to train [AI] on, it’s garbage in, garbage out,” says global CFO Lindsay Drucker Mann. But with detailed data from over 40 million users, Oddity’s models are getting smarter all the time.

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