Diversity, Inc.

Diversity, Inc.: The Failed Promise of a Billion-Dollar Business

Pamela Newkirk

For all the talk about diversity these days, you would think there would be more representation. In Diversity, Inc., journalist Pamela Newkirk interrogates a shameful reality: despite the existence of a multi-billion-dollar industry nominally dedicated to ensuring that American companies and institutions are more inclusive, diversity is still largely a buzzword in 2019. Newkirk looks to both the past and the present to understand why the numbers have barely moved even as the conversation has exploded. It’s a stats-heavy read, but rather than bog down the book, Newkirk’s well-researched facts and figures paint a picture of stagnation that’s hard to deny. Diversity, Inc. is a damning look at American organizations and a reminder that our workplaces are far from reflective of our country.

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