Know My Name

Know My Name: A Memoir

Chanel Miller

Americans have spent much of the last two years hearing the gut-wrenching stories of sexual harassment and assault survivors as the #MeToo movement unfurled. But those stories are often short missives posted to social media or quotes relayed by journalists. In Know My Name, Chanel Miller—who we knew for years as Emily Doe, the woman assaulted at a Stanford party in 2015—gives the most rounded look at life as a survivor that we've seen since the movement began. Miller recounts the horror of learning she’d been violated by reading about it online, grappling with society’s need for a “perfect victim,” fighting to regain control of her life and the brutal balancing act of participating in an investigation and trial all while keeping that part of her life a secret from everyone but her closest loved ones. With her memoir, Miller looks each of us in the eye and challenges us to question any woman’s story of survival.

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