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The two former Apple execs who started Humane* envision a screen-free future, and the Ai Pin is their first step. Once the lightweight Humane Ai Pin attaches magnetically to your clothing, it becomes your AI-powered personal assistant. Using a mix of proprietary software and OpenAI’s GPT, the device lets you do everything from ask complex questions to make calls and send texts, all using just your voice. Meanwhile, a built-in camera can identify things and provide contextual information, such as calorie estimates for a food item. A prominent privacy indicator called the “Trust Light” goes on whenever the Pin’s camera, microphone, or input sensors are active to make sure everyone around knows when it’s listening or recording. And if you need visuals, a tiny projector beams them straight onto the palm of your outstretched hand. The pin is planned to launch Nov. 9.

*(Investors in Humane include TIME co-chairs and owners Marc and Lynne Benioff)

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