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Ethiopian runner Tigst Assefa wore the brand-new Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1 super shoe at September’s Berlin Marathon, and set a women’s marathon world record with a finish time of 2:11:53—two minutes and 11 seconds faster than the previous record. Twenty-five percent lighter than the ubiquitous Nike Vaporfly (and, at 4.9 oz., it’s also lighter than any other distance racing shoe on the market), the Evo 1 features a translucent lightweight upper and a super-thin rubber outsole. Adidas trimmed additional weight using a proprietary “cutting-edge manufacturing process to reimagine our record-breaking Lightstrike Pro foam,” says Charlotte Heidmann, a senior global product manager. The catch: A pair is $500, and “only good for one race and a familiarization period,” says Heidmann.

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