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I first met Natasha Lyonne at a mutual friend’s house after an awards show, where she convinced me she’d won a DGA award for directing. She continued this bullsh-t for about an hour, which either makes her a brilliant liar, or me stupid. It’s definitely a bit of both, but the more you get to know her, the more you realize that spinning tales and telling stories is in her blood. I’m always struck by her confidence, the way she owns and commands whatever space she’s in, and how she lures the crowd in close where she can toy with them. Of course that’s something that also permeates her work.

Natasha is always the coolest person in the room. It’s not the hair, it’s not the voice … well maybe it’s a little bit of the hair and the voice, but mainly she exudes that rare magnetism of old Hollywood where you’re immediately drawn to her corner of the room. And she always has her corner. And it’s a good corner to be in.

Waititi is a filmmaker and Oscar-winning writer

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