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Last year, through my certified organic skin-care line, KORA Organics, I was lucky enough to work with Ms. Viya, the widely beloved businesswoman and influencer who is helping to shape the future of e-commerce in China. Her live broadcasts—in which she recommends products, from noodles and cosmetics to electric cars, to her tens of millions of followers across platforms—generate more revenue than many actual companies.

But my admiration for Viya goes beyond just business. She is a mother and charity advocate, seamlessly balancing all of these various roles throughout her life. What’s more, Viya leverages her abilities and influence to help more people, donating over $300,000 to the local Red Cross in the aftermath of the floods this summer in China, and contributing to the construction of 18 primary schools in China’s rural areas, the first of which opened last year.

Viya once said “the greatest commercial value is to create value for others.” I am deeply inspired by both her impact and her down-to-earth spirit.

Kerr is the founder of KORA Organics

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