Open Book by Jessica Simpson

In the prologue of her achingly honest memoir, Jessica Simpson writes, “with this book, I want the freedom to say, ‘well, there are no more secrets.’” From there, the singer tears apart a life in the spotlight to reveal the psychological trauma that accompanies stardom. In Open Book, there are plenty of anecdotes that feature in typical celebrity memoirs, especially in Simpson’s rise to pop stardom. Everything is on the table here: Simpson’s marriage to Nick Lachey, their tumultuous stint as reality TV stars, her relationship with John Mayer and the emotional affair she had with Johnny Knoxville while she was married to Lachey. But what elevates Simpson’s story is her unwavering commitment to telling her truth, even when it is clearly painful. There are moments of genuine suffering and trauma, including Simpson’s journey to becoming sober. It’s a thoughtful and intimate portrait of what it means to be a celebrity, and Simpson is unafraid to share the sometimes harrowing truths that often go undiscussed.

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