PB and J close up at PBJ LA in California.
David Nguyen

These aren’t your grandmother’s peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches. PBJ.LA gives America’s classic lunch-box staple an innovative upgrade. Carefully curated combinations of nut butter and jam are served on circular bread. Then a crimper seals the sandwich and removes the crust. Don’t worry—all that excess crust doesn’t go to waste. It’s used to make cinnamon-and-sugar bites. All ingredients are plant-based, and nut butters, jams, and milks are made from scratch, with organic ingredients. “We’ve taken a popular American nostalgic idea, and we’ve made it global and cultural,” says cofounder Payvand Salehi. “We wanted to take PB&J back to its roots and make it clean and organic.” —Rebecca Katzman

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