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Co-founder and CEO, Understood

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“When an organization can honestly reflect on how its systems prioritize some groups over others,” Poses wrote in a column for Charter and TIME, “it creates new space for those with learning differences to make themselves heard.” Through his nonprofit organization Understood—which has created a vast content library to support workers and leaders in making workplaces more accommodating of neurodiversity—Poses has made it his singular mission to create that space for a group too often left out of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Right now, what is your biggest question or curiosity about the future of work?

“Work” is always evolving, yet the fundamentals around people are—and will be—consistent: strong leaders, depth of individual skill sets, and the ability to learn and collaborate together. We’re never going to a people-less work environment and many may require different sets of skills in the years to come. However, whatever that future of work is, it will need good leaders to get the most out of people at work. I’m curious as to how we will upskill leaders and teams, leverage technology/AI, and build businesses that deliver for their stakeholders, people, and the world at large.

What is one problem leaders should be focused on solving in the year ahead?

Leaders must focus on how to fully engage the workforce of today. Many have a singular and uniform approach to teams, yet more than 20% of any team is neurodiverse. Leaders can have an outsized impact on their business by embracing differences. This will increase productivity, enhance creativity, and increase problem solving, which will contribute to stronger business outcomes. By recruiting, developing, and engaging team members who learn and think differently, leaders will increase their business’ performance and contribute to the future of work.

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