Credit: Daniel Lee

With a steady barrage of high-profile layoffs, hiring freezes, and budget cuts currently dominating headlines, one thing is clear: Many organizations are feeling the effects of an economic slowdown. Leaders tasked with shaping and elevating company culture have understandably viewed these announcements with apprehension. Does this round of belt-tightening mean cuts to culture are coming down the pipe?

It doesn’t have to.

This week, Charter released Keeping Culture at the Center: How to navigate economic uncertainty with your organization’s values intact. This playbook, supported by the employee-experience platform Culture Amp, was created to help people leaders make the case for a continued organizational focus on culture even during an economic downturn. It cover the most urgent risks to culture and accompanying tactics for mitigating those risks, organized by key stakeholders: company leadership, managers, current employees, and potential employees. Each section highlights what to prioritize, how to communicate and make the case for protecting those priorities, and examples of best practices, along with worksheets, scripts, and checklists to guide your efforts.

You can view and download a free PDF copy of the playbook here.

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