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Burton Blames It On the Aide

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Frank Pellegrini

WASHINGTON: Somebody had to go, and it certainly wasn’t going to be Dan Burton. While Republicans were tired of Burton shooting his own party in the foot, they weren’t about to hand the Democrats his head. But the Hubbell tape fiasco had to roost somewhere, so now Burton aide David Bossie is looking for a job.

“We had a few things happen in the last week that he felt bad about and so he has chosen to resign,” said Burton Wednesday. For the Indiana congressman, that’s as discreet as it gets. Sources on Burton’s committee are dishing out a refined version: It was Bossie — and Bossie alone, mind you — who convinced his boss to release the tapes. When the feathers flew, some Republicans got together Tuesday night in Newt Gingrich’s office and demanded Bossie’s head. Burton, with much loyalty and reluctance, acceded.

Which is believable. Congressmen are known for leaning heavily on their aides — just ask Strom Thurmond. But if Dan Burton keeps firing people whenever he makes a blunder, he’s going to need a much bigger staff.

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