Miscellany, Aug. 23, 1937

“TIME brings all things.”


At Tecumseh Okla., the State Training (reform) School for Girls last month gave for 38 honor inmates a dance to which selected young men were invited. During the evening Hercule Cook, 21, a store clerk met and renewed his interest in Evelyn Steel, 17, a friend he had not seen for two years. Last week in the honor cottage of the institution, they were married and Mrs. Cook was paroled to Mr. Cook.


In Reidsville, N. C., the latest sport is rolling-pin throwing contests. Target is a dummy with a bull’s-eye drawn on it. Unofficial champion is Mrs. Frank Christian.


Near Holmquist, S. D., more than 50 residents of a rural mail route took down their mailboxes, causing service to be suspended. They were protesting the appointment of Tom Coin as carrier. He does not live in the post office district to which he has been appointed.


In Lyme, Conn., the National Guard had to stop its war games when neighbors complained the sham battles made too much noise.


In Chicago, Henry Cosgrove, WPA worker, parked his steam roller at the curb while he stepped into a tavern. When he stepped out 20 minutes later, someone had stolen his steam roller.


In Paterson, N. J., Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cooper left on a vacation. While they were gone, an unidentified woman broke into their house, put on a house dress, called a second-hand dealer, sold him for $25 furniture worth $300.


In Yonkers, N. Y., Rev Verlynn Sprague was having his shoes shined by a young bootblack. One shoe finished, a policeman ambled by, ordered the boy to “scram.” The boy departed. Mr. Sprague protested he was not satisfied with half a shoeshine. The policeman accused him ot interfering with an officer in performance of duty, arrested him for disorderly conduct.


In Brembisen Riantec, France, Mme Henriette Heno’s pig bit her on the leg. Vengeful Mme Heno set fire to the straw on which the pig was lying. Thepig and the entire village of five houses burned up.

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