CANADA: Amlegation

Charge d’Affaires H. Dorsey Newson of the U.S. Legation at Ottawa spoke crisply, last week, to newsgatherers: “TheGovernment of the United States has acquired the property at98-100-102-104 Wellington Street, Ottawa, for the purpose ofconstructing a building to house the offices of the various Governmentdepartments in the Capital. . . . Upon the termination of existingleases, it is contemplated that the two brick buildings now standing onthe property will be removed and a handsome new edifice erected, whichmay be four or five stories in height.”

Commentators observed that no matter what the nature of the new buildingmay turn out to be, it will resemble all other U. S. legations to theextent of having for its telegraphic and cable address the code word”Amlegation.” Citizens of the U. S. who rove abroad would do well toremember also that in capitals where the U. S. is represented by anAmbassador his address is “Amembassy,” plus, of course, the name of thecity where the Embassy is located.

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