How would the nation go if therewere a Presidential election now? This week’s Gallup Poll answer:Republican.

Everywhere except in the South, where the Democrats do not need votesanyhow, pollsters found a marked movement to the G.O.P. The overallparty sympathy score: Republican 51%, Democratic 49% (in the 1944election the Democrats got 53.3% of the popular vote).

As to candidates: President Truman’s popularity had dived deep from ahigh of 87% soon after V-J day; now only 43 of every 100 polled votersapproved of the way he was doing his job. Republicans’ percentagepreferences for 1948: Dewey 38, Stassen 28, Bricker 9, Vandenberg 7MlacArthur 6, Taft 4, Eisenhower 2, others 6.

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