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CONSERVATION: Beasts and Workers

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Besides uncounted numbers of deer, bear, foxes, rabbits, squirrels and birds of the forest, there are abroad in the woods this hunting season some 300,000 CCC workers. Following a custom he believes prudent, Director Robert Fechner of CCC last week addressed a letter to State game wardens thanking them for their help in the past and asking them again this year to keep his boys from being shot:

“I request that all hunters shall refrain from hunting within rifle range of any work project . . . and that . . . you authorize such regulations as may be necessary.”

Hunters are in no danger from CCC boys, who are discouraged from having guns not only to avoid accidents* but so that pacifists cannot accuse the corps of being militaristic. To every CCCster at work in hunting country is issued a marker—a bright headband or hat tassel—as protection from quick-triggered hunters.

*Only CCCster ever killed by a hunter was Harry L. Meyer, in Oregon in 1936. Some other CCCsters, killing a deer, found Meyer shot dead beside it.

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