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Medicine: M. & B. 693

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Among the diseases conquered by sulfanilamide are puerperal sepsis (childbed fever), gonorrhea, meningitis, and streptococcus sore throat. Last week in The Lancet Dr. Sidney Campbell Dyke, consulting pathologist at the Royal Hospital at Wolverhampton, and his assistant, Dr. G. C. K. Reid, reported that tablets of a new sulfanilamide compound, M. & B. 693, short for 2-(para-aminobenzenesulphonamido) pyridine, had brought about a “speedy recovery” in eight cases of lobar pneumonia.

At the same time Dr. Russell La Fayette Cecil, professor of clinical medicine at Cornell University Medical College and chairman of the New York Committee for Pneumonia Control, told the Kings County Medical Society that he had used M. & B. 693 with striking success in several cases of highly fatal Type III pneumonia. Moreover, said Dr. Cecil enthusiastically, the new English tablets appear to be effective against many types of pneumonia, may soon supplant expensive serums which have to be made specifically for each type of the disease.

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