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Radio: Novel Nudist

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To the heckling Nazi radio system, the thought of Britishers being debagged by impolite little Japanese sentries in China has been a constant delight. So an an-schlussed Vienna station this month concocted a morsel of doggerel, in English, commemorating the situation in a vaudeville program relayed by all the other stations in Ostmark. The doggerel:

How pale the old chap went, that poor old Mr. John, When sentries stood before the British Concession! He ground what teeth he had, and stripped right to the skin; That wasn’t nice for him—ha! ha! in Tientsin.

The whole Empire is naked-nude, like poor old honest John: He ceased to be a mighty dude, for he had nothing on. Both big and little watched aglow this novel kind of nudist show; What John exposed, to his distress, was not alone his nakedness.

Oh, what a lot was lost to him— Not only there in Tientsin!

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