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Art: Dali’s Harpo

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In the low-brow view, most artists are screwy. In any view, two of the screwiest living artists are Painter Salvador Dali and Actor Harpo Marx. It is natural that two such surrealists should be fast friends. Early last year, while visiting in Hollywood, Dali sketched his friend Marx in pastels. Last week the odd result was hunting a buyer in San Francisco. Agent Julien Levy’s price: $500.

In the centre foreground sits Harpo staring, sadly strumming on his harp. His hair is golden fuzz, interwoven with fuchsia flowers and gay green leaves. He is not surprised by the company of three attentive giraffes—their backs on fire. In the distance are eight more giraffes, also burning, trying to get away from their own heat by running.

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