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Transport: Price of a Tire

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Killed by automobiles on U. S. highways, last year were 39,500 people, some 2,000 more than the number of U. S. soldiers killed in action in the World War. This year’s safety campaign has thus far achieved a 21% saving in sudden death. Safest State has been Pennsylvania, with a 40% reduction; least improved, Maine, by one percent. Right in step with the national trend is New York, 20% safer. Last week for New York motorists there came a payoff. Available for safe drivers were reductions of as much as 15% in basic automobile liability insurance rates. Lowest rate was for Class A motorists, those who in the first 21 months of the last two years had no accidents, or one involving only property damage. In Manhattan, where the annual premium for a basic policy covering $5,000 property damage and $5,000-$10,000 bodily injury liability has been $94.50, the new schedules offered Class A motorists a saving of $14, price of a good new tire.

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