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Harriet Barovick, Val Castronovo, Mitchell Frank, Tam Gray, Desa Philadelphia, Julie Rawe, Hope Reeves, Chris Taylor and Owen Thomas

JAIL BAIT How much crack does it take to get sent up for five years? The Senate held hearings in Washington last week about reducing the minimum-mandatory-sentencing (MMS) guidelines to bring the powder-cocaine limit down from 500 g to 50 g–closer to the 5 g of crack that gets you a nickel in the can.

DRUG Crack cocaine MMS AMOUNT 5 g STREET PRICE $425 USERS Urban RESULT OF INGESTING SUPPLY Death by cardiac arrest

[DRUG] Powder cocaine [MMS AMOUNT] 500 g [STREET PRICE] $55,000 [USERS] Yuppies [RESULT OF INGESTING SUPPLY] Death by cardiac arrest

[DRUG] Heroin [MMS AMOUNT] 100 g [STREET PRICE] $12,000 [USERS] Models [RESULT OF INGESTING SUPPLY] Death by forgetting to breathe

[DRUG] Crystal meth [MMS AMOUNT] 5 g [STREET PRICE] $600 [USERS] Hicks [RESULT OF INGESTING SUPPLY] Hyperactivity, then death

[DRUG] LSD [MMS AMOUNT] 1 g (liquid) [STREET PRICE] $100,000 [USERS] Phish-heads [RESULT OF INGESTING SUPPLY] Not sure, but 0.3 g killed an elephant

[DRUG] Marijuana [MMS AMOUNT] 100 kg [STREET PRICE] $215,000 [USERS] Everyone [RESULT OF INGESTING SUPPLY] Severe case of munchies

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