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Raw Data: Jun. 7, 1999

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Harriet Barovick, Autumn Deleon, Michelle Derrow, Tam Gray, Daniel S. Levy, Lina Lofaro, Anne Moffett, David Spitz and Chris Taylor

Y’ALL READ THIS NOW, HEAR? Spokane County, Wash., published a booklet to give city folk pointers on living in the country. Excerpts:

1.9 – Unpaved roads generate dust.

5.1 – Farmers often work around the clock…It is possible that adjoining agricultural uses may disturb your peace and quiet.

5.3 – Farmers occasionally burn their fields…This burning creates smoke that you may find objectionable.

5.5 – Animals and their manure can cause objectionable odors.

5.10 – Without irrigation, grass does not grow very well.

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