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People: Feb. 2, 1998

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Joel Stein


John Goodman can soon be seen in the movies Fallen, Blues Brothers 2000, The Big Lebowski and The Borrowers.

Q: John, what are your demons?

A: Fred Flintstone. Too much chlorine in the swimming pool. Sneakers that pinch.

Q: What’s it like working with the Coen brothers?

A: It’s like doing a movie at Hef’s mansion. The bunnies come around with martinis at appropriate hours.

Q: It’s not at all like that, huh?

A: No. But why shouldn’t it be?

Q: Have you ever had a dark thought about Roseanne?

A: Not lately. I miss the old gal. Q: After you left Roseanne, did you watch it?

A: Yeah.

Q: Every week?

A: Whenever I wasn’t rolling bandages for those less fortunate than me or doing my work with the children.

Q: How many cars do you wreck in Blues Brothers 2000?

A: I think it’s only 40. They got them from the Ontario Native People’s commission.

Q: Are they cheaper that way?

A: I guess so. That’s why we shot in Canada.

Q: O.K., I’ll go see it. You sold one ticket at least.

A: You know you haven’t paid for a film since journalism school, my friend.

Q: I didn’t go to journalism school.

A: That’s quite obvious.


On Wednesday’s episode of Politically Incorrect, Chumbawamba’s Alice Nutter told fans to steal the group’s hit album from Virgin Megastores. In retaliation, the chain removed the anarchic pop group’s CD from their shelves, keeping it behind the counter. While other record stores have done the same to rap groups, this is a first for Virgin. Nutter thinks the company is overreacting. She told People that she’s shoplifted many times before–the highlight of which was a very pretty dress. Still, she doesn’t think this imbroglio is going to help get out the band’s political message. “I don’t know if we’re doing that. We’re just annoying people.”


Ted Hughes, long silent about his ex-wife’s suicide, has published a collection of poems about Sylvia Plath. Is this a literary breakthrough, or too little too late? We compared their work and found out:

Ted Hughes Night-Ride on Ariel

Hauling your head this way and that way As you clung to the sun–to the last Shred of the exploded dawn In your fist–

That Monday.

[***] The Monday part is good, but “this way and that way”? Come on.

Sylvia Plath Ariel

And I Am the arrow, The dew that flies Suicidal, at one with the drive Into the red

[****] Eye, the cauldron of morning.

Good sun imagery–not easy to pull off. And flying dew is way cool.



OCCUPATION: Picks nose; shows breasts AGE: 25 BEST PUNCH: She says she’s going to sue Regan and HarperCollins, the publisher of Regan’s imprint, because they didn’t promote her book, Jen-X, as the company promised.


OCCUPATION: Publishes sleazy books AGE: 44 BEST PUNCH: A HarperCollins spokesman said McCarthy failed to fulfill her promotional obligations. Regan, staying above the fray, says, “Jenny’s only conflict is with herself.”

THE WINNER McCarthy. She got a small part in the badly named film BASEketball.

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