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Viveca Novak

A G.O.P. television ad warns, “The big labor bosses. Big money. Big lies. Big liberals.” Republicans from R.N.C. chairman Haley Barbour on down have accused the AFL-CIO of trying to buy the elections with its $35 million campaign. As it turns out, Barbour himself has direct knowledge of labor bosses. From 1989 till 1991, Barbour was on retainer to the Marine Engineers Beneficial Association, a dues-paying member of the AFL-CIO. According to union sources, Barbour was paid about $50,000 a year for “professional services,” such as lobbying. The leadership of the union at the time also seemed familiar with big money and big lies. Former president C. Eugene DeFries earned a racketeering conviction and was sentenced earlier this year to more than five years in prison for his role in fixing union elections, forcing members to contribute to the union’s political-action fund and embezzling $2 million.

–By Viveca Novak

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