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People: Nov. 3, 1986

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Guy D. Garcia

When last we saw him, the big ape was flat on his back after falling for Jessica Lange in more ways than one. But — surprise! — King Kong was only down, not out, for the count. In King Kong Lives, a sequel to the 1976 film to be released this Christmas, the lovesick hunk is saved by the brilliant Dr. Amy Franklin, played by Linda Hamilton. She replaces Kong’s broken heart with, of course, the latest and largest in artificial tickers. She also arranges a blind date with a brown-haired lovely called Lady Kong. “He gives up on the (human) girls this time,” notes Hamilton with a trace of relief. “He falls in love with a woman his own size.” Having finally met the gorilla of his dreams, Kong gives up his swinging ways long enough to become something of a family man. The result: a 7-ft., 200-lb. bundle of joy known as — kitschy- kitschy-koo — Baby Kong. Can the television series be far off? Meet The Kongs, the wackiest, hairiest, fun-lovingest family since the Munsters moved out.

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