A Queen Forever

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Carolyn Sayre and Jeffrey T. Iverson

The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen! More than 200 years after Marie Antoinette of France was guillotined, she is having a resurrection of sorts. Kirsten Dunst, below, plays the doomed royal in the biopic Marie Antoinette, out this week. But the big screen isn’t the only place you can see signs of Marie mania. A tastemaker in her day, she’s shaping style today as well, and her mark can be seen everywhere from fashion runways to the china cabinet. Check out some of the latest products–no, cake is not one of them–inspired by the style and spirit of France’s legendary Queen.

FASHION MODEL Read Caroline Weber’s engaging book Queen of Fashion for an inside look at Marie Antoinette’s sumptuous royal style. Or be queen for a day, and try on some gowns yourself: Alexander McQueen and John Galliano have M.A.-inspired designs.

TIME OF HER LIFE In 1783 a secret admirer commissioned for Marie Antoinette a pocket watch so intricately fabulous that it wasn’t finished until 44 years after she died. Swiss watchmaker Breguet is re-creating the piece, which will probably be completed in 2008.

THE ROYAL BOSOM Porcelain maker Bernardaud is reproducing pieces from the Queen’s service, including the Jatte-téton bowl, which, legend has it, was molded on her breast.

IN HER SHOES Manolo Blahnik crafted 20 new shoe styles for the film. Five of the styles will be available at his boutiques this month.

GET A WHIFF French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian based M.A. Sillage de la Reine (the Queen’s wake) on M.A.’s tastes. The scent is “like the flutter of a light dress.” Translation: a mix including jasmine, rose, cedar and gray amber.

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