Odd Men In

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Rebecca Winters

Brad Pitt may want to invest in some horn-rims, as leading men with dorkier DNA are becoming Hollywood’s hot dates. A geek lover’s guide:

STEVE CARELL plays a chaste, action-figure-collecting neat freak in The 40 Year-Old Virgin. Sacrificing his chest hair for one scene, the ex-Daily Show staff member is cinema’s new darling.

MICHAEL SHOWALTER wrote, directed and stars in The Baxter, a film about an accountant women date until they meet the One. But this CPA just may get love after tax season.

On Beverly Hills, 90210, the nerd character killed himself in Season 2. On The O.C., ADAM BRODY’S nerdy, comics-obsessed Seth is the show’s heartthrob entering Season 3.

Cool kids are wearing T shirts from last year’s sleeper hit Napoleon Dynamite, starring JON HEDER as a teen outcast. The hip apparel has yet to catch on with real-life outcasts.

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