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People: Jul. 28, 2003

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Lev Grossman


Pop star Mandy Moore plays your daughter in this movie. Did you listen to her albums on the set?

I have to say, no, I didn’t. [Laughs.] I think I’m just not… That’s one style… You know what? I should buy one of her CDs. It’s just not my, um…I’m more of a Bonnie Raitt kind of gal.

Your character makes a dating video. Ever done that in real life?

Never! And I couldn’t now, even if I wanted to. It would be like, “Oh, that’s C.J. on The West Wing. I’ll go out with her!”

Are you nervous about the show now that Aaron Sorkin is gone?

Yes, of course. It feels like, you know, our parents left us. That man is a genius and gave us all these wonderful characters, and now he’s gone.

People think of you as a character actor, but do you yearn to be a leading lady?

Yes, I do! I totally do! I’m just waiting for that opportunity. I think it might have to wait until after West Wing, because the schedule doesn’t really allow me to do much. But I’m dying to.

What are you doing to relax now that the movie’s over?

My boyfriend just bought me a Ping-Pong table I’m very excited about.

Are you serious about Ping-Pong?

Oh, yeah. I’m a paddle thrower.

MEN BEHAVING BADLY, PART 1 Is a cad still a cad if he admits it? Answer: Yes, he bloody well is. Exhibit A: The kiss-and-tell TV special set to air this week in Britain starring JAMES HEWITT, erstwhile lover of Diana, Princess of Wales. Says Hewitt (above, with unidentified companion): “I never wanted to be a cad, but I guess I am. So, if you’ve been handed a bunch of lemons, make some lemon juice.” In a splendid display of English chivalry, Hewitt praises Diana’s prowess in the sack and allows that “Charles was probably grateful someone was looking after his wife when he was [with] Camilla Parker Bowles.” Why go public with this stuff? “We’re doing this program because I’m a complete s___,” Hewitt says, “and we’re trying to make me less of a s___.” Jimbo, old bean: It’s not working.

BEHAVING BADLY, PART 2 NEIL BUSH is not helping the none-too-shiny image of presidential brothers. In his divorce proceedings last week he admitted that he had “had sexual intercourse with perhaps three or four–I don’t remember the exact number–women” while on business trips to Thailand and Hong Kong. (Bad at math, good at geography.) But things aren’t all grim for daughter LAUREN: PETA just named her Sexiest Vegetarian Alive.

ARE THEY? AREN’T THEY? These celebrity “couples” have been spotted together, but their publicists deny that they’re more than friends. Our correspondents examine the facts to uncover the “truth.”

THE COUPLE Jack White and Renee Zellweger THE EVIDENCE When he got into an accident in Detroit, she was in the car THE DENIAL Says a rep: “I can neither confirm nor deny that”

THE COUPLE Jude Law and Nicole Kidman THE EVIDENCE The Cold Mountain co-stars were spotted in the Hamptons THE DENIAL “This is a very un–TIME magazine thing. What is this for?”

THE COUPLE Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz THE EVIDENCE They dine, dance and bowl together. Ashton and Demi who? THE DENIAL Their publicists didn’t return calls. It must be love!

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