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News Quiz Aug. 20, 2001

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Melissa August, Amanda Bower, Christina Lewis, Victoria Rainert, Sylvia Wong Shih Chin, Sora Song, Heather Won Tesoriero and Josh Tyrangiel

1. The next installment in the Star Wars series will be called:

a) Episode II: Attack of the Clones b) Jar Jar Binks & the Journey to Minstrelsy c) Attack of the Toys You Want to Buy at Toys “R” Us d) “Obi-Wan-derful!” –David Manning

2. Microsoft’s Bill Gates is smiling at Intel’s Andy Grove because:

a) Dorkapalooza 2001 RULES! b) he’s got plans to monopolize…Andy’s time c) they’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of the personal computer

3. Presidential adviser Karen Hughes:

a) loves the new line of “Raging Moral Controversy” three-ring binders b) had a stem cell explode on her blouse c) displays a reference book used by the President

4. 42% of George W. Bush’s time in office has been spent:

a) raising stem cells b) singing, “I’m Dick Cheney/Yes, I’m the real Cheney/All you other Dick Cheneys are just imitating” c) on, or traveling to, vacations

ANSWERS: 1-a, 2-c, 3-c, 4-c

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