Aaron Spelling

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Joel Stein

Aaron Spelling produces 7th Heaven and Charmed, back on the WB next month.

Q. Is 7th Heaven your last-minute play to avoid going to hell?

A. When the concept came up, I had the same question: Why’s a Jewish kid from Texas doing a series about a minister?

Q. You have a gift-wrapping room in your house, right?

A. My wife loves to wrap. It could take her two hours to wrap one gift. Then you find out it’s for the pizza delivery man.

Q. Two hours? You could come up with three or four shows in that time.

A. No doubt about it.

Q. Do you remember where you were when it first hit you that people like to watch scantily clad women get in fights?

A. Probably in grammar school.

Q. What’s with T.J. Hooker’s last name?

A. I never thought of it in the context you’re thinking of, the word hooker.

Q. What other context is there?

A. You’ve got a good point there, Joel.

Q. Which of your TV movies had the best title: The Wild Women of Chastity Gulch, Satan’s School for Girls or One of My Wives Is Missing?

A. I liked The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. That we did with Travolta. But Satan’s School for Girls was a hell of a title.

Q. You received the N.A.A.C.P. Image Award four times. Were the voters not familiar with the Huggie Bear character?

A. We never got one complaint from anybody. The N.A.A.C.P. was pleased to see we were using African Americans.

Q. How many show ideas do you have just sitting around?

A. We had a show about a kid who inherits his uncle’s private eye agency. The moment the kid moves in, a toilet flushes and out pops his uncle. The kid shacks up with the lady upstairs in his apartment.

Q. Heather Locklear?

A. Don’t I wish.

–By Joel Stein

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