Trial By Fame

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Melissa August, Beau Briese, Rhett Butler, Anne Hartshorn, Christina Lewis, Valerie Marchant, Ellin Martens, Ryan Schick, Sora Song, Heather Won Tesoriero and Kadesha Thomas


The 2000 presidential election spawned some spontaneous stars, new blips on the national radar. Nine months (a whole gestation period!) after the Sunshine State’s knock-down-drag-out over votes, Notebook decided to check up on them:

KATHERINE HARRIS Florida’s secretary of state who lashed out (literally and figuratively) is now “strongly considering” a run for Congress. She’ll be sure to get the count straight in that election, no doubt.

JUDGE N. SANDERS SAULS “Same ol’ me,” says the judge–though “people are still asking for autographs.” Judge Sauls has been given several honors for his work in the 23-hour weekend trial that sent Bush to D.C.

THERESA LEPORE The infamous butterfly ballot she implemented has “flown away,” she says. Palm Beach County will initiate a touch-screen voting system. People spot LePore wherever she goes, even at an N.Y.C. eatery.

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