A Real Highflyer

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A Real Highflyer
Re “Secrets, Leaks and Sherlock” [Oct. 28]: Excellent article on Benedict Cumberbatch, but you missed his contribution to one of the best radio comedies in years. On BBC Radio 4’s Cabin Pressure, his performance as MJN Air’s only captain was flawless. Mind you, the rest of the show’s cast members are pretty impressive as well.
Malcolm Cowen,
Manchester, England

All Hail Tendulkar
“Championing India” highlights the clean and untainted image of the cricketing icon Sachin Tendulkar [Oct. 28]. It is not surprising that both Matthew Hayden and Shane Warne have offered glowing tributes to Tendulkar’s cricketing prowess and his outstanding contribution to the game, which he has upheld in the highest spirit of sportsmanship. Only time will tell if Tendulkar’s landmark achievements in the game can be surpassed. In spite of all his successes, he has always remained an unassuming individual, a trait that now serves as an example to future generations in India.
Mahendra Mahanti
Bhubaneswar, India

Shashi Tharoor offers a collection of highly ambitious thoughts comparing India’s potential to Tendulkar’s achievements as a cricketer. No doubt, as Tharoor says, the half of India’s population that is under 25 hardly recognizes any other sporting hero. However, we have a long way to go before we can be the “next power.” Today, it’s unsafe for women to be in any crowd in our country, let alone in a cricket stadium, unless they are in a privileged premier stand.
Suresh K. Parappurath,
Bangalore, India

Energy Revolution
Re “Power Surge” [oct. 28]: Finally, the U.S. is looking inward to take the leading role in providing sustainable energy that can meet its domestic demands and reduce energy shortfalls in other nations. But now, thanks to the industry’s technology-driven boom, the battle is in the choice between protecting the environment or exploring more economically prosperous energy sources to the detriment of our collective survival.
Omotoso Darlington,
Abuja, Nigeria

It’s wonderful that the U.S. has doubled production of corn-based ethanol, which helps it face its energy problems. But it would be great if Americans were reminded that this can have a damaging impact on poor countries, where millions of people find it difficult to have a single meal a day. I think ethanol made from corn can wait a few more years.
Sunil George,
Trivandrum, India

When talking about the future of energy sources, oil, gas, wind, solar and biofuel are all fine. But why is sea-wave power conspicuously omitted?
Athanasios Hatzilakos,

Stars of the U.S. Senate
“The Last Politicians” was interesting and insightful [Oct. 28]. The spirit of the article is condensed appropriately by the sentence, “The notion that women in power function differently from men, more collaboratively and thus more effectively, has long been an intuitively appealing but empirically unproven theory.” Now it seems both proven and appealing.
Zi-zenn Chaan,
Eastwood, Australia

American Distractions
Re “Make Way for China” [Oct. 21]: Obama was right to pass up the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Bali to stay in the U.S. during the government shutdown. The article says, “It was another embarrassing reminder for Obama that managing Asia will have to wait until he’s managed his problems at home.” It’s sad there was no mention of the Republicans’ sheepishness.
Nitin M. Valappil,

Italy’s Diehard Disruptor
Re “Why Berlusconi Will Rise Again” [Oct. 21]: Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has already done practically irreparable damage to Italy’s fragile political system. There is no need for him to churn up the already muddy water of Italian politics repeatedly. Better not, for the sake of his nation and the E.U.
Giovanni Pagani,
Piacenza, Italy

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