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‘I was dead wrong.’

1. JAMIE DIMON, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, appearing before the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, reversing a claim he had made dismissing the fallout over his bank’s $2 billion trading loss as “a tempest in a teapot”

‘I don’t understand his vision for a second term, other than “We suck.”‘

2. LINDSEY GRAHAM, Republican Senator from South Carolina, alleging that President Obama had no long-term leadership plan other than opposition to the GOP

‘We cannot believe that the world is watching us being killed.’

3. AHMAD, a Syrian activist identified only by his first name for safety reasons, criticizing the international community for doing nothing to stop the growing violence in Syria

‘We should replace our running shoes frequently. Instead, we wash them.’

4. MOHAMED HASSAN MOHAMED, one of four Somali athletes vying for their country’s two guaranteed spots at the London Olympics, on the difficulties of training in impoverished, war-torn Mogadishu

‘The dingo has done it. I’m absolutely thrilled to bits.’

5. YVONNE CAIN, an Australian juror who in 1982 helped convict a woman of murdering her 9-week-old baby, after authorities confirmed once and for all that the infant was snatched by a dingo, thereby exonerating the mother


Miles the Honda Fit can be driven without recharging, meaning it gets the equivalent of 118 m.p.g.


Number of young adults on their parents’ health plan this year; three major insurers pledged to keep the popular provision even if President Obama’s health care law is struck down


Seattle Mariners who helped pitch a June 8 no-hitter, tying an all-time record


Damages awarded to a woman who contracted herpes from a man she met on a dating website

Sources: CNBC; ABC; CNN; Reuters; CBS/AP

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