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Demi Moore

Finally changed her Twitter handle from @mrskutcher to @justdemi.

Ashton Kutcher

Wore brownface in a widely panned Popchips ad, which got pulled.


Have It Your Way

Behold: the world’s first crowdsourced hamburger. As part of McDonald’s recent Mein Burger contest, German customers spent weeks pitching new sandwiches online and voting for their favorites. The first of five winners–the Pretzelnator burger (above), with ham, cheese and a pretzel-style bun–will be on sale through May 31. Sadly, there’s no crowdsourced Mein Happy Meal toy.


15 to 1

Odds that I’ll Have Another, winner of this year’s Kentucky Derby, would finish first. The chestnut colt, which owners bought for $35,000–a bargain by racing standards–will next gallop in the Preakness on May 19.


Lourdes Grobet’s Ponzoa, Arena Coliseo is one of more than 150 works in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s wide-ranging “Photography in Mexico” exhibit.


Adam Lambert

It’s been 2 years since Adam Lambert’s last album dropped. Why? “I just wanted to get this one right!” he says of Trespassing, out May 15. Here, American Idol’s wildest runner-up–who counts Prince and Madonna among his musical influences–lets loose with TIME.

You’ve called this album “existential pop.” What does that mean?

Well, there’s definitely something existential about my first single, “Better than I Know Myself,” and especially the music video. There are two of me. It’s my Waiting for Godot moment.

Yeah, every pop star needs one of those.

Of course!

So are you Team Idol or Team The Voice?

I’m Team Everything.

That’s very diplomatic.

I mean, really, I’m Team Give a Good Singer a Good Shot. The industry is so hard to break into, and these shows provide an incredible p.r. platform.

You’re fronting for Queen this summer. Have you picked an outfit yet?

Oh, I definitely want to wear something fierce. If Freddie [Mercury]’s smiling down, I hope he approves of my shoes!



Historical portraits are dominated by lily-white nobility. Not so in recent works by artist Kehinde Wiley, who recasts them with modern-day black women to give African-American culture its due. His exhibition, “An Economy of Grace,” runs through June 16 at the Sean Kelly Gallery in New York City.


You Want a Piece of Them?

Didn’t make the royal wedding reception last year? Don’t worry. There’s still time to buy a piece of cake, thanks to PFCAuctions.com The U.K. site is selling what it claims is an original slice of Will and Kate’s confection (“in fine condition,” no less), and bidding has already topped $2,300. It’s a tidy sum, sure, but diehard fans have spent much more on less regal celeb possessions.

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Britney Spears’ chewed gum


Justin Timberlake’s half-eaten French toast


Kate Middleton’s wedding cake


Scarlett Johansson’s dirty tissue


Justin Bieber’s hair clippings


Out of Vogue

Too skinny is so last season. In an attempt to promote healthier body images, all 19 editions of Vogue have agreed not to knowingly hire models under the age of 16 or those who appear to have an eating disorder. It’s an admirable promise–even if it doesn’t prohibit that other tool of the unattainable beauty standard: Photoshop.


1. Blue Ivy Carter’s entitlement complex.

Her father Jay-Z recently admitted she’ll be “the worst spoiled little kid ever.”

2. Finding a wackier alternative to Silly Putty.

Gak and Floam–Nickelodeon’s slimiest ’90s-era playthings–are both relaunching.

3. A dearth of gluttonous munchies.

As part of its linkup with Nestl, Girl Scouts will turn its signature cookie flavors, like Thin Mints, into candy bars.

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