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GOODS & SERVICES: New Ideas, Jan. 21, 1952

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Bumper’s Bumper. Chicago’s Hush Bumpers, Inc. is ready to put on sale pneumatic plastic auto-bumper guards which can be attached next to standard bumper guards or used to replace them entirely. The Shmoo-shaped hush bumpers come in a variety of car colors. In tests, they absorbed the shock of a car collision at 12 m.p.h. Price: $7.50 to $9.

Ultrasonic Soldering. London’s Mullard Ltd. is exporting an ultrasonic soldering iron which the company hopes will be used to solder aluminum instead of welding and riveting it. The hot point of the iron vibrates so rapidly that the high-pitched “sound” it generates erodes the aluminum oxide that must be eaten away before a solder joint can be made. Then, using standard soft solder, the iron makes a neat, strong joint. Export price: $270.15.

Quick-Dry. A new quick-drying wall paint for undercoating called “Sealer-Coater” was put on the market by Du Pont. It comes in white only (but may be tinted), dries in less than two hours under normal conditions so that another coat can quickly be painted over it. Price per gallon: $5.80.

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