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Radio: Doctor’s Orders

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Parents whose home life has been complicated by TV got some professional advice last week from Elizabeth Hurlock, Ph.D. Writing in the current issue of Today’s Health, published by the American Medical Association, Dr. Hurlock offered a seven-point program for parents:

1) Never ban TV, because that puts it m “the category of ‘forbidden fruit.’ “

2) If there are several suitable shows, let the child select the one he prefers.

3) If possible, watch the program, too, and then “discuss the merits and faults.”

4) Use TV to encourage a child’s interests in arts & sciences.

5) TV should not be confused with paregoric—it must never be used just to keep children “quiet and out of mischief.”

6) Like any other privilege, TV may be used as a reward.

7) Don’t worry about your child becoming a TV addict. After all, TV “is a new toy, and its novelty will wear off.”

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