Courtney Love Is Still America’s Sweetheart

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Courtney Love — singer, actress and perennial feather-ruffler — is trying out a new role: YouTube personality.

The Hole frontwoman has just launched a YouTube channel where she promises to “show you all the things [she’s] passionate about,” including music, fashion, Nancy Grace, the Kardashians and everything in between. The new web series, fittingly titled #CourtneyOn, debuted on Valentine’s Day and featured Love dispensing relationship advice in a very Love fashion — albeit with all the swear words bleeped out.

We talked to Love about what fans can expect from the new series, whether anything will be off limits and whether she’s too busy for a Hole reunion. (Spoiler: she’s not!)

Why a web series instead of a television series or a movie? Surely you’ve had offers.

After 25 years in the business, this opportunity is the first time in my career when someone has said to me, “We want you to just be you. Whoever that is, right now!” And that resonated with me. In film, I get to be someone else — I need to be someone else. In the recording studio, my songs are mostly a reflection on feelings, thoughts, experiences from another time. But here, it’s me, now, live, alive.

How often can fans expect new episodes?

Every Wednesday there will be a new episode. Each one will run about 5-10 minutes long.

Is there any subject that’s off limits on the show?

Definitely my personal life, gossip about others, and any personal things I know about my friends — especially in the film business, as rock people don’t seem to mind their business being out there. I definitely have a strict policy about nothing to do with my personal life, or even family life, being a topic.

Will there be any chance for fans to interact with you on the series?

We did one the other day [on] Google Hangout for love advice. I don’t know quite what qualified me as a love guru but I have been through all sorts of playbooks, so maybe I am an okay person to ask.

Will there ever be guests?

Yes, especially when we go to London — we are throwing a big party and a lot of my British friends are coming. We would also really like Kate Moss to give us a tour of her closet for her new fashion line, and we’ll be showing you my new fashion line, so fashion will be a huge part of this.

In the introductory video to your series, you talk about making amazing discoveries on YouTube such as music. Any sneak peeks? Are you going to unleash the next Justin Bieber on the world?

I find new artists all the time and I find I am not often wrong. There is a girl named Alex McDermott who I am really obsessed with. I was one of the first people to discover Florence [Welch, of Florence and the Machine] and sent her demo to a friend who at that time had a huge amount of influence in the digital space. Within 2 weeks she had the number 2 song in the UK and it went from there. I also love a band called The Eeries right now. They’re just amazing songwriters.

You called out your dislike of Dave Grohl in your promo for the series. Will that make it awkward at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony?

It will be awkward if for no other reason than time has passed and things have changed, but I am happy to put it all aside for the greater good and bigger picture, which is to celebrate Kurt’s legacy. It comes down to what’s best for Frances in the end.

Will there still be time for a Hole reunion?

We’re going slow and it won’t be what you expect… rocking with the oldies. If the new songs don’t feel relevant, then we won’t do it. It’s now too late for Coachella this year because I decided too late, so that will be a goal for next year, but Melissa is coming to town in April and Eric and I have been playing some and he’s cool with Micko (my guitarist), so everything is working out great.

What else are you doing these days?

I am working on getting back into film. I have two films I’m doing, which aren’t huge roles, but [I’m] looking forward to being on a set again. Also working with Harper Collins on the book, which will finally be done, and working with Relativity’s Mitch Grossbach and his team as well as Pippa Greenback, my London partner, on our upcoming fashion line. There are two different lines: Never The Bride, a more high end line, and the diffusion line is called Magdalene. It’s a good year and I’m excited about everything.

Watch the first episode of #CourtneyOn, where she discusses her so-called Twibel lawsuit:

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