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WATCH: Opening Cider with a Chainsaw Looks Cool in Slow-Motion, But Don’t Try It at Home

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We’ve all been there: Desperate for a drink from a cold beverage, but unable to find a bottle opener. The guys at Slow-Mo Laboratories have come up with a great don’t-try-this-at-home solution to that problem — Use a chainsaw!

The guys who showed us what it looks like to pop bubblegum in slow motion, breath fire in slow motion, and took out their aggression by shooting a gun at a water bottle (and showing us the results in slow motion), have done it again.

This time they’ve taken a chainsaw to both a glass bottle of cider and an icy cold Coke and impressively managed to pop the tops off without shattering the glass. When they slow down the action, the video replay shows both their expert-level skills with a chainsaw (which is still surprisingly fast, even in slow motion) and how you should never, ever try this at home.

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