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The Six-year high school The Feb. 24 cover story by Rana Foroohar–which explored the pros and cons of schools like Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy on Chicago’s South Side that promise jobs to students who complete a six-year program–was lauded by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a vocal supporter of the program, for highlighting “the future of where education needs to go.” On Facebook, however, John Lewinski suggested that schools should emphasize life skills over trade skills: “Maybe they should teach [kids] how to balance a checkbook and use a credit card sparingly.”

Mexico’s new mission Michael Crowley’s Feb. 24 story “The Committee to Save Mexico,” which called attention to President Enrique Peña Nieto’s reforms, sparked fierce debate among readers, many of whom felt that Peña Nieto didn’t deserve the recognition. “Believe me, every [reform] is made to benefit the smaller portion of the population,” 18-year-old Cynthia Valtierra of Mexico wrote in a letter to TIME. And while Alejandro F. Martinez said on Facebook that “the judgment is still out on the results of the reforms,” he stressed that “I don’t like the sound and trend of them.”

Ellen page’s “Bravery” contributor Brandon Ambrosino’s response to Page’s coming-out speech–he questioned whether such an act should be considered “brave,” given recent advances in gay rights–drew support from Ritsa Vassilakis Mazur on Facebook: “Brave is what our troops, police and firemen do … Standing up in front of people and divulging your private life to them is not.” But commenter Mach4Solo disagreed, citing a lack of gay rights on a global scale. “Each person faces their own challenges and difficulties so I would say that Page is brave in her own right,” Mach4Solo said. “She publicly identifies as a minority which faces a death sentence in many parts of the world.”


Since her big-screen debut in 12 Years a Slave, Lupita Nyong’o has become one of this Oscar season’s most sought-after subjects–and, says photographer Sebastian Kim, who shot her for TIME, she’s every bit as captivating in person. “I just wanted to capture a bare beauty shot of her,” says Kim. “It was easy, as she looked so beautiful. I really didn’t have to work hard.”


In advance of our cover story on the airline industry, we asked readers to submit their travel-delay photos from terminals and tarmacs using the Instagram hashtag #TIMEairport. Many answered, but Joe Lammerman (@lammdogg_photography) offered the most in-depth perspective. He has been a baggage handler with United Airlines for nearly 18 years and is currently based at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. “I absolutely hate winter–it sucks the life out of me,” he tells TIME. “But … it has produced some really cool, beautiful, bleak-looking pictures.” To see more of Lammerman’s shots, visit


We interviewed candy experts and historians to rank the world’s most influential candy bars, including Wonka, Kit Kat, Milky Way and more. Did your favorite treat make the cut? See the full list at

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