PJL: January 2014 (Part 1)

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Features and Essays

Daniel Berehulak: Afghanistan’s Child Hunger Crisis (NYT) Afghanistan’s worsening, and baffling, hunger crisis

Michele Palazzi: Gobi Nomads in Mongolia (Wired Rawfile) Nomads mix solar panels and iPhones with the brutal herding life

Gaël Turine: India’s Wall of Shame (The New Yorker Photo Booth) Turine has been documenting the border between India and Bangladesh

Andri Tambunan: Chongqing: The world’s little-known megacity (CNN Photos) China

Stephen Dupont: A Haiyan Portfolio (The New Yorker Photo Booth) Dupont’s work documenting the typhoon aftermath

Moises Saman: Syria’s Dispossessed (The New Yorker Photo Booth) Syrian refugees, which number more than a million in total, have scattered throughout the Middle East, mainly to Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq

Ed Kashi: Syrian Refugees (VII) To reveal the turbulent lives of Syria’s displaced youth, Kashi travelled to Iraq and Jordan to illustrate the plight of this lost generation

Lynsey Addario: Syrians Living as Outsiders, as Squatters or in Camps (NYT) About 2.3 million refugees have fled the civil war, but only about one-fifth of them live in refugee camps, making it harder for aid to reach them

Andy Spyra and Younes Mohammad: Rojava: Life and War in Kurdish Syria (Jadaliyya)

Dmitry Kostyukov : Refugees in Syria Put Strain on Bulgarian Resources (NYT) Bulgaria, unready, is poor host to Syrians

Tanya Habjouqa: Palestinian Pleasures (NYT Lens) Avoiding cliches in documenting lives life of Palestinians

Yuri Kozyrev: Pussy Riot’s Next Act (LightBox) Kozyrev hung out with members of Pussy Riot, photographing their busy first days of freedom

Misha Friedman: Gay And Lesbian Russians (Buzzfeed) What life is like for gay and lesbian Russians far from Moscow

Yuri Kozyrev: Kiev Uprising (NOOR) Ukraine

Stanley Greene: Love in the Barricades (NOOR) Ukraine

Kosuke Okahara: In Sochi’s Shadow (Newsweek) Life in Georgia’s disputed Abkhazia region, which neighbors Russia’a winter Olympics city

Eirini Vourloumis: In Waiting: The Greek Economic Crisis in Pictures (The New Yorker Photo Booth)

Philipp Ebeling: Vibrant Communities in Neglected London Suburbs (Feature Shoot)

Michael Robinson Chavez: Charcoal and Steel (LA Times Framework) Brazil struggles toward progress

Sebastian Liste: People’s Republic of Corinthians (The New Yorker Photo Booth) Liste’s photographs of the supporters of Brazilian soccer club Corinthians

Kai Wiedenhöfer: Confrontier (Wired Rawfile) Panoramic wall photos examine the world’s most volatile borders

Gianmarco Panucci: The life of a Cape Flats gangster (CNN Photos) The lingering effects of racial segregation can still be seen in Cape Flats, a violent, gang-infested area of Cape Town

Nancy Borowick: Life, and Death, With Cancer (NYT Lens) Borowick has been documenting her parents’ battle with cancer

Thomas Alleman: The American Apparel (NYT Lens) A Fashion Fetish in Los Angeles

Darcy Padilla: Drill Baby Drill (Agence Vu) New black gold rush in North Dakota


Susan Sontag was right: War photography can anesthetize (Salon.com) Chloe Pantazi’s critical take on celebrated War/Photography exhibition, currently on show at Brooklyn Museum of Art

Excess and Emotion in the Photographic Archive (No Caption Needed) Robert Hariman’s thoughts on Pantazi’s Salon article about War/Photography exhibition

The Controversial Death of a Teenage Stringer (Foreign Policy) On Molhem Barakat

Picture Story: Life Under Austerity in Appalachia (PDN) Discussing Peter van Agtmael’s recent work in Eastern Kentucky

Craig Mod: Goodbye, Cameras (New Yorker) Mod on why he’s done with cameras

Photographer of the year: Goran Tomasevic (Guardian) The Guardian’s photo team have chosen Goran Tomasevic, of Reuters, as their agency photographer of the year. We look back over his work in 2013 including coverage of the conflict in Syria and the Westgate shopping centre attack in Kenya

APTOPIX Kentucky Derby Horse Racing
A horse goes for a workout at Churchill Downs prior to the race, May 3, 2014, in Louisville, Ky.Narciso Contreras / AP

New York Times: Year in Pictures (NYT)

National Geographic’s Year in review (National Geographic)

Magnum Photos The Year in Review (Magnum)

The best photographs of 2013 – in pictures (Guardian)

The Observer’s 20 photographs of the year (The Observer) From the image of an evicted Roma family sheltering from a storm to the death of Nelson Mandela, photographers describe how they captured 20 defining images from 2013

The Year in Photojournalism (The New Yorker Photo Booth) Photographers choose an image that particularly affected them over the past twelve months

Documenting the World for 125 Years (NYT Lens) A new book collects images from the round-the-globe travels conducted for National Geographic magazine, the investigative eye for the rest of the world since 1888

Empire by Jon Tonks – review (Guardian) Photographer Jon Tonks investigates four far-flung outposts where the British empire lives on – at least in spirit

From the Front Lines, Regional Photographers Make All The Difference (LightBox) Although it has become more prevalent in recent years, regional photographers have worked for Western news organizations for decades. Here, TIME showcases work made over the past year by three of the strongest local image-makers, examining the wider context and evolution of their work and the issues they face

John Dominis, a Star Photographer for Life Magazine, Dies at 92 (NYT)

Gerda Taro: The forgotten photojournalist killed in action (BBC)

Harlem In Photographs: Troubled Neighborhood To Source Of Pride (NPR) Camilo José Vergara’s photographs of Harlem

‘In No Great Hurry,’ a Documentary About Saul Leiter (NYT) Review of the documentary film on the late photographer

Observance, an exhibition by The New York Times’ James Estrin (BJP) James Estrin is best-known in photography circles for his work on Lens, a photography blog at The New York Times. But the editor is also a senior staff photographer, and he currently has an exhibition in New York | More on Lens blog here

‘Global City’ triple exposures (Seattle Times) Marcus Yam on documenting Seattle using multiple exposures

Shaul Schwarz: Music, Guns and Drugs in the film ‘Narco Cultura’ (PROOF)

Mustafah Abdulaziz photographs the Ganges (Phaidon blog) Ex-Wall Street Journal photographer took a trip along India’s sacred river

Photographing Hiroshima, Fukushima and Everything in Between (NYT Lens) The career of Kikujiro Fukushima, who is still an active photojournalist at 92, spans from the aftermath of the dropping of the atomic bomb in 1945 to the Fukushima disaster of 2011

Mark Seliger’s greatest portraits – in pictures (Guardian) Highlights from an exhibition of Seliger’s work on show in London

“Her work has the potential to bring insights from within a culture that is often difficult to penetrate emotionally” – Sarah Leen, Director of Photography at National Geographic, on photojournalist Sim Chi Yin

British Journal of Photography’s Ones to Watch in 2014 (BJP) Following a nomination process involving an international panel of photographers, editors, curators and educators, thirty photographers were selected as Ones to Watch

Pentti Sammallahti’s best photograph: ice fog in stormy northern Russia (Guardian)

End Frame: Marcus Bleasdale on Philip Jones Griffiths (PDN)

Photo Project Breaks Barriers in Morocco (NYT)

One to Watch: Matt Eich (American Photo) Eich hustles commercial work to fund his photojournalism and fine art projects

Featured photographer: Marika Dee (Verve Photo)

Featured photographer: Olaf Schuelke (Verve Photo)

Interviews and Talks

APTOPIX Kentucky Derby Horse Racing
A woman makes her way to the track in a stunning black and red Derby hat.Rodrigo Abd / AP

Rodrigo Abd (Esquire) Associated Press photographer Abd on his career so far

John Tlumacki (Image Deconstructed) Tlumacki on his iconic Boston Marathon bombing photos

Jacquelyn Martin (CNN) AP photographer Martin tells how one of her photos ended up reuniting a family

Mariella Furrer (LA Times Framework) Furrer on her child sexual abuse project My Piece of Sky, that just came out as a book in November 2013

James Estrin (L’Oeil de la Photographie) Estrin on his career

David Guttenfelder (National Geographic Live!) Guttenfelder offers a glimpse inside North Korea’s tightly controlled society, where the truth is rarely simple

Yunghi Kim (NPPA) Kim on core values

Brett Carlsen and Juan Madrid (Roads and Kingdoms) Carlsen and Madrid on their project documenting Flint, Michigan

Meaghan Looram (World Press Photo Vimeo) The deputy photo editor at The New York Times discusses photo editing as well as the Joop Swart Masterclass and her role in it

Mike Davis (A Photo a Day blog)

John Minchillo (AP YouTube channel) Minchillo is a New York City-based freelance photographer for the Associated Press

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