Google Can Now Help You Remember Where You Parked Your Car

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You know that terrible feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when, after stepping out of a mall or stadium, you realize you have no idea where you parked? Then you pace and pace, pressing the “panic” button and just praying things will work out for you, and you won’t have to give in and curl up in the fetal position on the pavement?

If you’re familiar with this scenario and you have an Android, then you’re in luck. Google Now, the personal assistant that comes with Android devices, now comes with a vehicle tracking function.

Google Now uses your phone’s sensors to detect when you’ve left a moving vehicle, Google explains, and then a location card will pop up on a map to let you know where you left your car. But beware: these location cards might also pop up if you’ve left a friend’s car or a bus.

So no, it’s not a perfect system, but luckily you can choose to turn off parking location cards altogether if you’re not driving that day.

Man, isn’t it crazy to think that if this technology had existed 15 years ago, one of the greatest films of our time would never have happened?

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